Top Reason Why Studying in Finland is the Best Thing for You

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When it comes to studying abroad, there are a lot of options. Many international students prefer the Scandinavian countries for their under-graduate, or post-graduate programs. Finland, in particular, is a country where international students are welcomed.

There are many reasons why you should decide to study in Finland. You will benefit from a high-quality education, while at the same time you discover one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world. In this article, we are going to inform you why you should choose Finland for your studies.

1. Affordable Tuition Fees

Students from the EU can attend universities in Finland without a tuition fee. However, even if you are not from EU, the tuition fees in this country are low. Additionally, a great deal of the study material can be found for free, making your expenses even fewer. If you decide to study in Finland, look for all the available scholarships, as there are many that cover different things.

2. Excellent Education System with Top-Notch Teachers

The education system in the Scandinavian countries it is considered one of the best systems in the world, and with good reason. Universities in Finland are often included in the lists for the best universities. All the teachers are experts in their fields. Apart from teaching, they are researchers, which gives them in-depth knowledge.

3. Universities in Finland Have Modern Facilities

Additionally, to offering high-quality programs, Finnish universities have modern facilities. International students can benefit from the libraries, classrooms, and laboratories. Moreover, in this country, the eLearning system is exceptionally developed.

4. Finland Offers High Quality of Life

One thing that you should be looking at is the quality of life. As you are going to spend some years in the country you choose, you should be able to feel welcomed and safe. Finland is indeed one of the countries that international students can benefit from an excellent quality of life. Crime rates are really low in Finland, making it one of the safest countries. Apart from that, the capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a lively city. There you will spend amazing years!

5. No Language Barrier

People in Finland have an excellent relationship in English. In fact, they might be using it more than their other official languages that are Swedish and Finnish. Of course, if you are interested to get familiar with Finnish, there are available courses. However, even without Finnish, all the lessons are in English, so you won’t have any problem. 

6. Opportunities to Enter the Market after Graduation

In Finland, you can find many job opportunities after graduation. Namely, about half of the international students choose to remain and work in the country. This becomes exceptionally easy because many international businesses are headquartered or have branches in this country.

Finland offers many great opportunities for high-quality education. The universities in the country are consistently some of the best in the whole world. You can benefit from studying there and open the road for a successful career.

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