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Studying abroad is a big decision, but it will surely offer you great opportunities and open your horizons. Some of the best countries for someone to study are undeniably the Scandinavian countries. With the starting dates for the applications for the Scandinavian universities fast approaching, we will inform you about everything you need to know in order to apply.

1. Sweden

Why Study in Sweden

There are many reasons for you to study in Sweden. The universities in this country are considered as some of the best at an international level. Their curriculums will challenge you and make you think creatively. Sweden also is a country where equality is in the foundation of society. It is notable that it is considered the most equal country in the world. Another great thing about Sweden is that the environment and sustainability are among the top priorities of both the government and the citizens. 

Tuition Fees

In Sweden, application and tuition fees concern only the students that do not come from an EU country.

The application fee is 900SEK, while the tuition fees vary depending on the subject you would like to have your Master’s degree on.

Most notably, the tuition fees per year for the following subjects are:

  • Social sciences and humanities: 80,000-110,000 SEK
  • Technical programs and natural sciences: 120,000-145,000 SEK
  • Architecture and design: 190,000-270,000 SEK

Deadline of Applications

The following week, more specifically on October 16th, the applications for the Autumn Semester 2020 will be open. The application period will be open until February 3rd.

How to Apply

First of all, you need to find the program that best suits you. When you do that, check each program’s requirements. When you are sure that you have everything that is needed, head over to and fill out the application form. If you are from a country outside the EU, or Switzerland, you will also be required to pay the application fee.


At the same time, you can find many scholarships that will aid you with your studying. Various Swedish institutes, universities, and other organizations offer scholarships. Be sure to check their requirements and apply for them.

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2. Norway

Why Study in Norway

Norwegian universities offer quality degrees that will boost your career at an international level. You will find a great number of programs that are taught in English, so the language will not be a problem for you. As a Scandinavian country, Norway offers a modern society that will make you feel at home.

Tuition Fees

Norwegian public institutions are funded by the government and for this reason, they do not charge tuition fees. The same even applies to international students.

Private universities, however, require a tuition fee, even though the amount is usually lower compared to other countries. 

Deadline of Applications

In Norway, each university has its own application form and deadlines. For this reason, you should check with each university individually and follow their specific procedures.

If, for example, you are interested in studying at the University of Oslo, you should hurry up. The applications open on October 15th and close on December 1st.

How to Apply

As we have mentioned above, every institution in Norway follows its own procedure. So, in order to apply, you need to reach out to every university that catches your attention and apply to them separately.


Even though the tuition fees are really low in Norway, the living costs are considerably high. However, there is a great number of scholarships that can help you cope with the living expenses of this country.

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3. Finland

Why Study in Finland

Finnish universities offer programs taught in English in many subjects. From more than 400 programs available, it is sure that you will find the one that will help you build a bright future. 

Tuition Fees

International students that come from outside the EU and Switzerland, are required to pay tuition fees for their Master’s degrees. The annual fees depending on the institution you are interested in, so remember to check each one of them separately.

Deadline of Applications

In Finland, you have the ability to apply for 6 different programs in a joint application. For 2020, the joint applications to higher educations are the following:

  • For the Spring semester 2020: 8-22 January 2020
  • For the Autumn semester 2020: 2-16 September 2020

How to Apply

Every application for a higher education degree in Finland is submitted through On this website, you can search and find all the programs that are taught in English. You are not required to pay an application fee, even if you are an international student.


Non-EU, or outside of Switzerland students, can find a range of scholarships that will aid you with the tuition fees. There are different scholarships depending on the institutions and the degree of your choice. Usually, you can apply for a scholarship the same period that you apply for admission to the programs. 

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4. Denmark

Why Study in Denmark

Universities in Denmark are known for their high academic standards. A degree from this country will open up career paths for you. As in the rest of the Scandinavian countries, you can find many programs that are taught in English.

Tuition Fees

Students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland are not required to pay tuition fees. However, international students must pay annual tuition fees. For full-degree programs, the tuition fee is 45,000-120,000 DKK. However, there might be some differences between the universities, so you should check with each one separately.

Deadline of Applications

The application forms for postgraduates in Denmark vary depending on the institution of your choice. For this reason, it is essential for you to contact each one of them separately.

How to Apply

Every university has different requirements. However, for a postgraduate program, you will be required to present a Bachelor’s degree and proof of your knowledge of the English language.


International students that are required to pay a tuition fee can find various scholarships programs from European and Danish institutions. However, each program requires different things, so you should check each one of them.

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