How to Choose the Best Business School – Part 1

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Taking the decision of attending a Master of Business Administration is a huge step for your future success. If you tried to research for MBA programs, you may have noticed that there are various universities and institutions that offer such programs. You might feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. For this reason, we have compiled a two-part article, with all the things you need to check in order to find the best business school.

1. Location of the Business School

One of the most important aspects of the business school you are going to choose for your Master in Business Administration is the location of the institution. It is so important that it should be on the top of your priorities. This is because the location of the school will influence your everyday life. And most importantly, there is a great chance that you will connect with businesses around the area of the school. So, always keep in mind that you are not only choosing a place to stay for a couple of years, rather a place for your career.

2. Ranking of the Business School

The reputation of the business school you are going to choose is another rather important aspect you need to check before applying. Attending a program from a school that has a high international rank, will only offer you more career opportunities. Especially if you don’t have any prior working experience, a degree from a high-rank university will give your resume a significant boost.

3. Student Support

When attending a Master of Business Administration, you need to make sure that you can get all the help you might need. Student support should be available to you and the staff needs to make sure that all of your inquiries are looked into. Some universities even offer personalized student support, which will help you choose your future path.

4. Accreditation of the Degree

Even more important than the business school’s ranking in the accreditation of the degree you will be getting. It would be a shame to spend so much time, money, and effort, only to be unable to use your degree abroad. Make sure that the program you will choose is accredited with NEASC, BAC, AMBA, AACSB, etc.

5. Curriculum

Even though many programs share the same name, their focus is rather different. This happens because their curriculums consist of different lectures and majors. So, while choosing the Master of Business Administration of your preference, make sure to check the curriculum to find out its focus. Some programs are more academic, while others focus more on developing the practical skills of the students.

6. Program Type

Another thing that might potentially confuse you, is the type of program you want to attend to. Make sure that before applying you have figured out if you prefer a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Management. One more option you need to figure out is whether you would like to attend an online program or not.

This concludes our first part of the things you need to check, in order to choose the best business school. Stay tuned for part 2!

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